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When Names Mean Nothing

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Emile Watson
25 August 1989
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~my short bio~

I'm currently obsessed with a few fandoms.

Pandora Hearts: Retrace 65 hurt. Really really hurt.
Supernatural: Castiel mostly, Gabriel too. And Crowley.
Sherlock Holmes: Right now the BBC Sherlock. Though I love RDJ and Jeremy Brett. Basil Rathbone is...decent, but watching that Watson kills me inside.
A-team: Face will always be my favorite, but I love Murdock as well.
Tron: :D
Shinrei Tantei Yakumo: ^.^

Overall, I watch a lot of television. Mostly I watch things like Lie to Me, Psych, Supernatural, White Collar and House. Though I also watch science shows and things on Discovery Channel.

I generally watch movies if they have my favorite actors in them. Like Liam Neeson, Ewan McGregor, Niel Partick Harris, Jared Leto, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Ralph Fiennes, Robert Benedict, Robert Redford,Benedict Cumberbatch, Richard Speight Jr., Misha Collins, and Robert Downey Jr.

I also play a lot of video games, like Final Fantasy, Xenosaga/Xenogears, Star Ocean, Assasins Creed and Kingdom Hearts.

Anime is a favorite of mine. Though I tend to be very picky when I chose which ones I watch.
Yu-Gi-Oh (japanese), Death Note, Code Geass, Gundam Wing, CardCaptor Sakura, Yu Yu Hakuso and Gravitation are some of the ones I like.

I like many different songs too. Genre typically doesn't matter. Nor language. Though I must say 30 Seconds to Mars is probably my favorite band. Provehito in Altum.

Basically, I like a lot of different things.
Too many things to list really.
That...and I'm too lazy to type it all out.

-Emile Watson-

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"That's not even a real smile.
Just a bunch of teeth playing with my mind!"

-- Templeton "Face" Peck

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